Intel Arc Alchemist Gaming Graphics Cards

Intel Arc Alchemist Gaming Graphics Cards

Intel Arc Alchemist Gaming Graphics Cards

Intel Arc Alchemist Gaming Graphics Cards, According to the newest information from Igor’s Lab, Intel’s much-anticipated Arc Alchemist gaming graphics cards may be delayed until the middle of the summer.

The graphics cards are expected to be released by the end of Q2, however due to different driver issues, the launch is likely to be delayed. Intel’s Arc Alchemist Gaming Graphics Cards are reportedly being delayed until mid-summer 2022.

We recently reported on the anticipated release date for Intel’s Arc Alchemist graphics cards for the gaming market. The first Arc A-Series cards, based on the Alchemist Xe-HPG architecture, were slated to enter shop shelves by the end of this quarter.

In fact, Intel has already revealed that the best graphics card, the Arc Limited Edition, will be available by the end of Q2 2022. The winners of Intel’s Scavenger Hunt to be the first to get their hands on the new graphics cards, even before they hit shop shelves, have also been announced.

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However, current sources indicate that the formal launch will be delayed. According to Igor Wallossek, Intel may delay the debut of its gaming graphics card range until late summer, based on numerous sources. This dates the period from July 1 to August 31. Igor further claims that AIBs are getting upset with Intel’s plans and are unsure when the graphics cards will be released.

The drivers are once again mentioned as the cause. You may recall that we previously stated that drivers are the primary cause of the delay, and that Intel wants to resolve all bugs before releasing their cards. One of the reasons for Intel’s limited rollout of its initial Arc A-series devices in Asian countries is this.

The Arc A350M and Arc A370M laptop GPUs are currently only available in a few Asian locations and in a few laptop models. The United States, the European Union, and other key areas have yet to get Arc-powered computers. Given the low volume of the entry-level range, one can only guess how low volume the high-end Arc 5 and Arc 7 series will be.

Features of Intel Arc Gaming graphics card

The final specs have already been set in stone, so clocks and firmware are unlikely to alter as a result of the delay. However, the drivers are now dubious at best. Nobody has the final drivers, and the ones they do have are either to hide the true performance or to avoid unfavorable news coverage in the internet press.

Based on their results, NVIDIA and AMD are certain that their present products are capable of competing with anything Intel puts to the table in the form of Arc Alchemist gaming graphics cards.

The cancellation of NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3070 Ti 16 GB and AMD’s refusal to price the RX 6750 XT any higher than the RTX 3070 show that both GPU titans are confident in their current lineups. A mid- to late-summer release would put the Intel portfolio in close proximity to NVIDIA and AMD’s next-generation graphics card launches, which are both slated in Q4 2022.


All of these delays and driver troubles do not bode good for Intel’s initial graphics launch. Furthermore, if this trend continues, Intel may lose potential board partners, delaying the release of its Arc graphics cards.

Overall, things aren’t looking good, but Intel should be able to present a clearer launch timeline at its forthcoming ‘VISION’ presentation, followed by more comprehensive specs and price at Computex 2022 at the end of this month.


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