Development of a new graphics card

Development of a new graphics card

Development of a new graphics card

Development of a new graphics card, In the hardware rumor mill, it’s been anticipated that Nvidia’s upcoming RTX 4000 graphics cards won’t be released until early fall.

However, according to an insider, PC gamers will be able to get their hands on graphics accelerators far sooner.

Already in July, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4000?

Graphic accelerator costs are finally starting to fall again, some months after the graphics card bottleneck. Is it time for the next-generation GPU to be released? Very likely.

Often kopite7kimi hardware insider claimed New Nvidia graphics cards will arrive sooner than expected in the summer of last year. It is currently attempting to reduce the time period for the initial snapshot.

Nvidia is expected to make its models accessible in the early third quarter of 2022, rather than the autumn.

The source does not provide a precise date, but only this phrasing looks to be suitable for release in July or the first half of August 2022. Development of a new graphics card

Is Nvidia’s early start realistic?

Although kopite7kimi has a strong reputation in the hardware sector for leaks and advanced knowledge, we believe That insider is incorrect in this situation.

Despite the fact that Nvidia will most likely employ Lovelace’s 5nm TSMC production process, which may let the company to bypass some bottlenecks, the firm must still be able to produce graphics cards.

Other hardware components are in short supply, which might slow things down. Furthermore, Nvidia has yet to begin promoting its devices for the next GPU generation, indicating that a delivery in less than two months is unlikely. Development of a new graphics card


Instead, we anticipate that the new graphics cards will be announced in late summer 2022, and that they will be available for purchase in early fall of that year.

It’s unclear whether Nvidia and its official partners will have enough time to make enough graphics cards in time. It’s probable that the next graphics crunch may arrive soon after the RTX 4000 is released. Development of a new graphics card

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