Nvidia Launches GTX 1630 graphics card

Nvidia Launches GTX 1630 graphics card

Nvidia Launches GTX 1630 graphics card

Nvidia Launches GTX 1630 graphics card, Today’s enthusiast graphics cards give remarkable levels of gaming performance. With new microarchitectures, sophisticated nodes, and system efficiency enhancements like Resizable BAR, AMD and Nvidia have made significant progress in achieving the highest levels of performance.

Technologies for resolution upscaling like DLSS and FSR 2.0 are also very helpful. These specific factors render the launch of the low-cost Nvidia GTX 1630 graphics card uninteresting, at least for gaming.

Fair enough, Nvidia introduced the GTX 1630 to replace the dated GTX 1030. As far as Nvidia’s newest products go, it is currently the least expensive discrete graphics card you can purchase. It is designed to support CPUs with integrated graphics that are either missing or too weak to be useful. Undoubtedly, some people will contemplate gaming on the GTX 1630, so we feel it’s important to highlight its performance—or rather, lack thereof.

The GTX 1630 is derived from old chips used for the GTX 1650 that launched in spring 2019

It is, however, far less powerful. This results from the decision to drastically reduce the design. It appears like Nvidia gathered a lot of 1650 chips that were only partially faulty and created the GTX 1630 to make use of the decent parts. The idea of reducing chips so they are just half functioning is not new. In fact, managing bottom lines follows this practice. The end result is a completely functional chip that only uses the hardware that is still in tact. The GTX 1630 is the result.

Having a limited gaming budget. We won’t linger on the specs because they are rather basic. We’ll talk about the game performance instead. Nvidia didn’t offer any performance information, but TechPowerUp was able to obtain one for analysis and released the findings. In other words, if you want to play AAA games at 1080p 60 frames per second, the GTX 1630 isn’t viable. Many games don’t even approach 30 frames per second. By lowering various settings, you can undoubtedly increase those numbers, but given the cost of the card, the point is no longer relevant.

According to the listings we’ve seen, the cost is between $150 and $200 USD. The AMD RX 6400 costs $170 USD and outperforms the GTX 1630 in almost every situation, often by a factor of two. With the proper setting adjustments, the AMD RX 6500 XT, which costs $190 USD, practically ensures 1080p 60fps performance.

Cost of Nvidia GTX 1630 graphics card

However, none of these are sensible budget choices. The GTX 1630 is outperformed by several older cards from 2016, and it won’t hold up over time either. Simply put, you would be better off spending more money on a graphics card like the AMD Radeon 6600 or the Nvidia RTX 3050. These cards have the specs needed to play new games for years, and if you purchase the RTX 3050, you’ll be able to use more features like DLSS.

Perhaps the Nvidia GTX 1630 graphics card is intended for low-cost prebuilt PCs. Furthermore, it might only be there to persuade you to spend more money on something better. But at least you know not to use it when playing video games.

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