20 Crypto ETFs to Be Aware Of

20 Crypto ETFs to Be Aware Of

20 Crypto ETFs to Be Aware Of

20 Crypto ETFs to Be Aware Of, There are many various ways to invest these days. Some people invest in equities, bonds, and mutual funds, while others prefer cryptocurrency. A new sort of investment has evolved in recent years: cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds.

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are securities that, like mutual funds, combine many equities and funds into a single asset that can be traded among investors. This form of bundling, in principle, can result in more diversified portfolios and lower risk exposure for investors. ETFs, unlike mutual funds, can be purchased and sold on exchanges at any time during the trading day.

Crypto ETFs vs Investment brokers

For years, investment brokers have been attempting to get the Securities and Exchange Commission to authorise funds that invest in cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency-related enterprises. This is owing to the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies, which are decentralised currencies by design and hence impossible to get through traditional financial channels. 20 Crypto ETFs to Be Aware Of

Individuals who believe cryptocurrencies are good investments must currently purchase them through specialised cryptocurrency exchange platforms such as Coinbase. Many investors who are used to trading on central exchanges will find this a barrier to entrance.

The development of ETFs tied to cryptocurrencies would be a way around this obstacle, but the SEC has been hesitant to allow ETFs that invest directly in cryptocurrencies as of today. Some cryptocurrency-linked ETFs that have been approved by the regulator are a step further, such as funds that allow individuals to invest in cryptocurrency futures contracts or in corporations that hold cryptocurrency assets themselves. Accredited investors can also use over-the-counter exchanges to trade funds that are directly invested in cryptocurrencies.


The SEC approved ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF, which began trading on the NYSE Arca exchange in October 2021, as the first cryptocurrency-linked ETF available to investors. The SEC had previously disallowed cryptocurrency-linked ETFs, but the fund was approved because it allows investors to invest in Bitcoin futures contracts rather than keeping Bitcoin assets in the fund. This ETF has a 0.95 percent operational expense fee. 20 Crypto ETFs to Be Aware Of


The SEC approved this fund as the second cryptocurrency-linked ETF, and it went live on the Nasdaq platform mere days after BITO. Both funds allow individuals to participate in Bitcoin futures and are extremely comparable. The majority of BTF’s holdings are Bitcoin futures, with 26.2 percent in US Treasury notes. BTF charges 0.95 percent in expenses.


The VanEck Bitcoin Strategy ETF is the SEC’s third cryptocurrency-linked ETF to launch. In November 2021, it began trading on the Chicago Board Options Exchange. With cost fees of 0.65%, the fund also invests in Bitcoin futures and has the lowest maintenance fees among the three SEC-approved Bitcoin ETFs.


Mirae Asset Financial Group launched this ETF in July 2021. It has made investments in companies that are significantly involved in blockchain technology and seek to benefit from its widespread adoption. Stakes in cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase, Bitcoin mining business Riot Blockchain, and cryptocurrency mining company Marathon Digital Holdings are among the company’s top assets. Investing in BKCH incurs a 0.5 percent cost fee. 20 Crypto ETFs to Be Aware Of

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