JASMINER x4 has a Excellent future

JASMINER x4 has a Excellent future

JASMINER x4 has a Excellent future

JASMINER x4 has a Excellent future, Following the outbreak, customers’ increased demand for cryptocurrency mining has created new growth space and enormous prospects for the cryptocurrency mining machine industry, with leading brands formulating more precise market plans.

In this competitive environment, the worldwide high-throughput chip brand JASMINER stands out and emerges as a formidable dark horse.

According to sources, JASMINER continued to develop despite a poor market environment throughout the global epidemic. JASMINER’s overall operations continued to improve in 2022, and its profitability increased year over year. The global agent company is currently expanding, and sales volume is fast increasing.

JASMINER x4 overview

The JASMINER brand has joined the market of high-throughput computing systems with integrated storage and computing with the brand positioning of “high throughput, high hash rate, and low power consumption” since entering the worldwide market in 2021. JASMINER continues to develop efficient and green technology goods through technological innovation and iteration, and popular products continue to captivate the thoughts of worldwide users.

JASMINER X4 High-throughput Mini server, JASMINER X4 High-throughput 1U/1U-C server, JASMINER X4 High-throughput Quiet server, and other high-throughput servers are all digging customers’ pain points and changing the worldwide mining pattern through technological innovation.

JASMINER will introduce the JASMINE X4 High-throughput 1U server in 2021. It not only includes 8 high-throughput computing power chips with integrated storage and computation, but it also supports super mainstream configurations like hash rates of up to 520MH/s 10% and support for the ETHASH and ETCHASH algorithms. JASMINER x4 has a Excellent future

JASMINER X4 Performance

While achieving strong mining performance, 1U products have near-perfect power consumption, with power consumption as low as 240W10 percent, putting an end to the previous expensive and power-consuming mining state and providing the best solution for the majority of miners to achieve energy conservation and environmental protection while lowering mining costs.

In 2022, JASMINER X4-Q, a new product featuring “quiet” as its hallmark feature, will be released. Users only require 480w10% power consumption to achieve a super high hash rate of 1040MH/s10%, and the power consumption ratio is low. to 0.46 10% J/MH. At the same time, the noise level is just about 40 decibels, enhancing the mining experience in places like bedrooms and IDC computer rooms.

The silent performance of X4-Q is unrivalled among similar high-throughput server devices. JASMINER has established a strong core competitiveness through distinct mining rig products, offering global consumers a pleasant dual powerful experience of “low power consumption + quietness.” JASMINER x4 has a Excellent future

Why does the JASMINER brand continue to achieve steady growth in the global market?

JASMINER is said to gain mostly from its brand gene of independent innovation and research, as well as a precise understanding of the worldwide encryption industry trend. When it comes to choosing products, consumers are increasingly aware of and seek high-efficiency and energy-saving mining experiences, as well as brands that consume less energy, produce less noise, and are more professional and scientific. JASMINER x4 has a Excellent future

With the advancement of technology, encrypted mining has become more secure and effective, particularly with the use of high-throughput servers, which is a more efficient, more convenient, more environmentally friendly, and relatively safe mining channel that is being welcomed by an increasing number of users.


JASMINER has become a major brand in segmented tracks from a “treasure” in the tongues of die-hard fans, and has entered the vision of more crypto mining enthusiasts as a representative for high-throughput technology. JASMINER x4 has a Excellent future

JASMINER’s strong brand features of “high hash rate” and “low power consumption” will help it gain a greater market share, and its advanced encryption technology will help it move faster. The brand potential of JASMINER is undeniably tremendous. JASMINER’s brand potential is unquestionably vast.


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