Liquid Cooling System Antbox H3 V2

Liquid Cooling System Antbox H3 V2

Liquid Cooling System Antbox H3 V2

Liquid Cooling System Antbox H3 V2, Bitmain has launched the Antbox H3 V2 Liquid Cooling system, which includes a powerful new ASIC SHA-256 algorithm miner and the latest version of their transportable mining farm container.

The S19 Hydro + ASIC Miner will be the most powerful crypto miner to date, giving nearly double the hashrate of the industry’s current leading ASIC Model, the S19 110T Pro, with even higher performance than the impending widely anticipated S19 XP. (Vipera LLC), an online high-end electronics retailer, is already accepting pre-orders for the February and May 2022 production batches through Bitmain.

Despite present market conditions, this is a huge breakthrough for the ever-growing crypto mining business, and mid to big farms, particularly in hot locations, will benefit from the quiet and efficient Bitmain S19 Hydro tandem.

Because ASIC miners are so important to the blockchain network, new gear with a higher hashrate and better energy efficiency surpasses its predecessors right away, making it an enormously profitable investment opportunity for everyone willing to participate.

The S19 XP and S19 Hydro + Asic Miners

The S19 XP and S19 Hydro + are likewise being marketed as next-generation ASICs that are “halving proof.” By lowering the quantity of bitcoins in circulation and raising demand for Bitcoin, it causes price inflation in the cryptocurrency. The halving of Bitcoin, which is set to happen at the end of 2024, has ramifications for all players in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

The S19 Hydro Plus uses a closed-loop water cooling technology to keep temperatures low and boost stability, and it will outperform the current top hashrate by more than 40%. This ASIC will be a popular choice and leading solution for operators mining the SHA 256 algorithm for at least 5 years, capable of producing 198TH/s with a power consumption of 5445 watts and a power efficiency of 27.5J/TH.

It’s worth noting that Bitmain’s liquid cooling system is designed to help maintain stable low temperatures in even the hottest climates, with an 80 percent noise reduction compared to traditional high-rpm air-cooled ASICs– something that has long been sought after in an industry where even 1 degree centigrade of temperature can make a big difference across multiple units.

Bitmain is currently developing a completely new two-piece cryptocurrency. Antbox

Bitmain has also built and is now constructing a completely new two-piece Antbox, nicknamed “Antspace,” to house this new hardware: Antbox H3 V2, also known as the Antspace HK3 internally.

This mobile mining container includes a stand-alone hydro cooling tower and a hybrid wet and dry liquid cooling system that continuously feeds the Antbox to keep temperatures steady and boost energy efficiency. With a total combined energy usage of less than 1 MW, the new design can accommodate up to 210 S19 Hydro Asic Miners.

The Antbox H3 V2 includes all of Bitmain’s regular high-end features, such as facial recognition software, magnetic locks, a direct terminal substation for 3-phase power or transformer, and a 1-year warranty. Production takes 20 days, with shipping to the United States, Europe, or the Middle East taking another 30-45 days at current shipping speeds.

The Antbox is currently only offered to clients in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and North America. The minimum order quantity is 190 S19 Hydro + units, with only one Antbox H3 V2 unit available. Pre-orders are now open and can be found at, although there are only two batches planned.


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